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I am a computer professional and general geek in the San Diego area. While my day job involves getting paid to make sure other people’s computer systems and services run smoothly, I prefer to not spend so much time behind the keyboard when away from the office.

I can be found on Twitter, FaceBook, LiveJournal and likely a few others I’m forgetting at the moment. Be forewarned (and fore-armed) that I don’t often hold back on what I say on Twitter or FaceBook.

Also, don’t ask me about work, because that’s not something I’ll be talking about here. Too many people I know or know of have gotten into trouble by blogging about work or people at work. Not gonna do it.

My previous attempt at a self-run web journal was Method, but I felt it was trying too hard to be something specific. Specifically, what, I am not sure. I also maintain, for varying definitions of “maintain”, for some unknown purpose.