We’re going to be parents!

My lovely, absolutely amazing wife Lea is pregnant!

I’ve been wanting to make an announcement ever since we had the first ultrasound, but I’ve been biding my time until we were safely into the second trimester.

So far, everything has been going well, and the first ultrasound showed us a healthy, active, alien-looking baby dancing around. Hearing the heartbeat the first time was truly awe-inspiring. Lea positively glows brighter every day, and as excited and happy as we are to have a child on the way, we’re both a bit terrified of this dramatic change coming into our lives.

We don’t know gender yet; we’ll find out next Monday when we get a detailed ultrasound. Who knows, I might actually have imagery to share with the world after that appointment.

Baby is due on (or about) May 1st, 2009.

I suppose at some point we’re going to have to plan a baby shower.

I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever been this happy.

We’re going to be parents!


Overall, I have to say, the election results are nearly as good as I could have hoped, with one major blemish: California’s Proposition 8 to constitutionally define marriage as being between a man and a woman appears to be passing as the final votes are tallied. As one person on Twitter said:

The state of California has decided that our food has inalienable rights, but our fellow human beings do not. That is sad and shameful.

Apparently, however, nearly 41% of the ballots in California are absentee, which could make for some interesting results as those are tallied. See this Sacramento Bee article for details and more election-related information.