Music: Richard Marx & Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon), Anthology, San Diego, April 24, 2008

This show was part of The Duo Sessions.  I would like to do a complete review of it, but for now I am just recording some notes that I took while there so that I don’t lose them.  I found my notes when I was going through a bunch of papers and things.

Anthology is an amazing, intimate venue in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego.  I was completely stunned to discover, just in time, that this show was happening.  If you ever have the opportunity to go there, I highly recommend it.  I bought a first floor dining room ticket.  Once there, you are able to sit pretty much wherever you like within the class of seat you have purchased.  I arrived early, but not vastly so and I was still able to obtain a table in the front row that was half booth.  Very happy!  There almost are no words for the food.  It was decadent and delectable.  I hope to dine there again soon.

Set list:

  • ?? (Richard Marx song containing a lyric “Dad lying in dirt”. Preliminary searches have not yielded results on this.)
  • “You’re a God” – Vertical Horizon
  • “Endless Summer Nights” – Richard Marx
  • “Sunshine” – Vertical Horizon
  • “Now & Forever” – Richard Marx
  • “Give You Back” – Vertical Horizon.  This one brought me to tears it was so beautifully performed.
  • “Hazard” – Richard Marx
  • “We Are” – Vertical Horizon.  Scannell’s second song on the radio.  Richard Marx loves it.
  • “Through My Veins” – Richard Marx.  New song.  Beautiful piece with piano and guitar.
  • Medley: “One of You” – Vertical Horizon; “Don’t Mean Nothin'” – Richard Marx.  The blending on these two songs was excellent.
  • “Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)” – Vertical Horizon.  This has been covered by Gary Allen.
  • Sing along: “Should’ve Known Better” – Richard Marx.  Before the song: (Richard) “If you guys don’t sing this with us, you just suck.”  After the song: (Richard) “You guys ruled on that.  For a minute I almost thought I had the mullet back.”
  • “Everything You Want” – Vertical Horizon.  He wrote this song at 4:00 am – woke up and it was done.
  • “Right Here Waiting” – Richard Marx
  • Encore: “Scarborough Fair” – Simon & Garfunkel
  • Encore: “I’m Still Here” – Vertical Horizon
  • Encore: “Everybody” – Keith Urban/Richard Marx

Early in the show, Richard Marx remarked about his mullet that “Bono started it and I pulled it off not at all.”  I couldn’t resist and called out to him, “You made it sexy.”  He almost didn’t catch it.  Matt Scannell stopped him and said “Did you hear what she said?”  He repeated it for him.  Richard said, “Thanks, Mom.”  and then, in a Mom voice, “You made it sexy, honey.”  It was pretty funny.

They were drinking a tea that was made of lemon, ginger, honey and cayenne.  It is good for the throat and for singing voices.

Be sure to check out their cd, “Duo.” I haven’t picked it up yet, but that’s only because I got really busy.  It is definitely worth purchasing after what I saw at this show.

They sold t-shirts that were made from a sketch that Richard did.  Very cool.

Music: Richard Marx & Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon), Anthology, San Diego, April 24, 2008