Gradually getting my ducks in a row

I’m very slowly getting my ducks in a row with regards to my online presence. I’ve decided, for the time being, that it’s probably simplest for me to keep this site as a WordPress blog, as that reduces the work I need to do to keep the site updated. Now that I’ve finally made an infrastructure decision, I can start dressing it. I’m still thinking of carrying forward the theme I used on Method, but I’m not entirely sure yet.

I’ve got comments turned off, primarily because I haven’t had time to get them working while not getting spammed to death. It appears that there’s an anti-spam plugin already included in WordPress these days, so I’ll have to give that a go.

I am also thinking that this will be the end of, as well as public entries on my LiveJournal. I don’t like being too distracted. Spread too thin, if you like. It’s my hope that what I have to say will interest at least one other person in this world besides me, and so I’ll put it here, for reading and ridicule and all to see. Expect a mix of things, with periodic dry spells.

Oh, and I’m on Twitter, too (just like the rest of the free world, it would seem.)

Gradually getting my ducks in a row

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