Safari: You’re Awesome, But You Could Be More Awesome

It’s been about a week and a half since Apple release the last batch of updates for OS X, including the latest version of Safari. In the interests of keeping up to date with security updates, I went ahead and updated. I did my research first, though, and uninstalled Saft before the attempt (there were some who had problems with InputManagers installed during the upgrade.)

I was happy to discover, this evening, that Saft had been updated to support the latest version of Safari. Despite my general revulsion for running InputManager-based hacks (let alone other system behavior modification software, like Haxies, that hook in even deeper to the system), Saft offers a subset of functionality that I simply don’t like doing without. A couple of the features, I feel, really should be integrated into Safari proper.

I’ve already mentioned my strong desire for one of the features, session saving and restoring. Firefox has this nailed, and it’s a built-in feature. I feel strongly enough about it to mention it again here. Hey, Apple, are you listening? I want full session-saving, like what Saft does now, built into Safari.

Another feature Saft gives me is (rudimentary) ad blocking. The various Firefox extensions (namely Adblock Plus) that exist give tremendous power in blocking ads on the web pages you view. I don’t know that Saft will ever approach the power of something like Adblock Plus, but it does a good enough job for the moment.

Here’s a question worth investigating: Is it possible to write an Adblock Plus-like Safari plug-in using the official Internet Plugins API? My understanding is that API is restricted to the content of the page, and doesn’t allow for any behavior modification of Safari itself. That should be enough, right? This is something I’ll have to investigate.

I’d definitely like to stop having to install InputManager-based hacks on my system, though. Safari is, in my opinion, an excellent browser, but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Firefox does seem to have a mighty green lawn around their extensions garden.

Safari: You’re Awesome, But You Could Be More Awesome

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