Keys to the kingdom….

OOOOO…..shiny…..I just discovered that I too have the keys with which to unlock this site. Nifty. My husband must love me or something. *smirk*

Now if only I felt like I had more to say…..and more time. I’m stealing this time from work. SSSHHHH….don’t tell anyone!

I do have an oddity though…..okay, it’s odd to me. Maybe not to people who pay attention to how such things work, but it’s odd to me. I joined because Leticia wanted me to. I finally put up a pic last week or so. It’s probably my newest POIC (point of internet contact). (I love making up acronyms.) For some reason, that page is the one that comes up if you use google to look for me by first name and maiden name. Not anything else (at least on the first page of hits). Just that one. Even though it’s under my full last name. As are other things. This is very strange to me.

Do I like that random people from my past have been finding me? I don’t know. I suppose it shows that they care enough to try. 🙂 And I like finding out what people are up to. It’s just odd HOW they find me. Especially when my email address hasn’t changed since I left Bradley. Odd.

Keys to the kingdom….

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